Experienced Presenter,
Educator, Voice Narrator

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Susann easily connects with your audience. Whether narrating a non-fiction audiobook, an ethics eLearning video for a corporation, a radio commercial for a new food product or an audio tour for a museum, her purpose is to actively engage your audience while effectively conveying your message. Susann provides VoiceOvers in the following genres:











Explainer Videos



I provide voice over narration for a wide range of industries and services after having worked in various legal, law enforcement and insurance sectors in government and corporate entities. While working in these fields, I began presenting and educating both domestically and internationally which honed my communication skills to be able to successfully reach a wider and more diverse audience. My legal and law enforcement background prepared me to be able to grasp concepts quickly and successfully convey their meaning using exact details in a comfortably friendly way. My friendly vocal quality lends itself to numerous other genres as well.

I have donated hundreds of hours narrating and editing books for the Carnegie Library LAMP program and the Library of Congress. After completing extensive training and education with David Goldberg, CEO of Edge Studio along with other nationally successful VO coaches, I began working at voice over full time. So if my voice is a match for your project, you will be working with someone who is available, flexible, on time, professionally trained, takes direction well and loves what she does.

How did I get from Susann to S3? My initials, of course!


I first became comfortable behind a microphone in high school when another classmate and I began our three-year stint of delivering the morning announcements to the student body. My various educational degrees and careers honed my ability to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life in many diverse assignments which included instructor (here in the U.S. and in multiple other countries), as well as countless public speaking opportunities and presentations required in my managerial positions.

Although I’ve left several times, I always return to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. This is the place that instilled in me a strong work ethic and the pride of hard work resulting in a job well done.  Pittsburghers work hard, play hard, have long lasting relationships and honor commitments – that’s why I keep coming back!

I love what I do and have trained with other VO Actors/Coaches, Audio Engineers, web-based companies and The Edge Studio in NYC.  I believe in continuing education and stay current with what is happening in the VO industry by taking webinars and further sharpening my skills by regularly working with a speech and voice coach and VO Actors/Coaches.

My voice is warm, conversational, friendly, likable, trustworthy, low pitched and authentic.  I’ve been told I sound like a teacher, Mom, storyteller, trusted friend or coworker.

Personally, I think I’m sounding more like my Mother every day, but that’s a discussion for another time.


My home studio was custom designed and built to produce broadcast quality recordings utilizing the following equipment:

  • AKG P220 Large Diaphragm Condensor Microphone
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Interface
  • MacbookPro workstation/Audacity recording and editing software
  • I can be directed live via Skype, Zoom or Source Connect


The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh’s Library of Accessible Media for Pennsylvanians (LAMP) program provides accessible media for clients across the globe who have physically-based reading disabilities. Donating my time and talents narrating books for LAMP and the Library of Congress is a rewarding passion of mine. I am humbled to play a small role in furthering their mission.

Thank you for listening!

My purpose is to support you and your project by helping you connect effectively with your audience. Send me an email and let’s collaborate!

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